We are IgnisVR

A virtual reality company in The Netherlands. Founded by two virtual reality enthousiasts in an attempt to serve VR content to the world by providing awesome virtual reality experiences for the Oculus Rift.

Martijn Segers

Martijn Segers

Founder | VR Development Specialist Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, C# .NET, Unity3D, GUI, 2D, iOS, PHP, Web, Object Analysis, OO Design.
Dennis van Haazel

Dennis van Haazel

Founder | VR Development Specialist Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, C# .NET, Unity3D, 3D modeling, 3D Math, Android, Shaders, AI, OO Design.

We are Virtual Reality Pioneers

The ‘new’ market of virtual reality is finally emerging! Together with the Oculus Rift, we are pioneering, standing on front and being pushed forward on the ever growing wave that is called virtual reality.

Stereoscopic screenshot from our 'Virtual Spacewalk' VR demo

Stereoscopic screenshot from our ‘VR Spacewalk’ simulation demo

We are Virtual Reality Developers

We try to build mind-blowing virtual reality experiences for the Oculus rift, that will truely immerse the virtual visitor. We create our virtual reality content using our own in-house build Firefly Unity3D Framework.

Stereoscopic screenshot from our 'Arachnophobia' virtual exposure therapy demo

Stereoscopic screenshot from our ‘Arachnophobia’ virtual reality exposure therapy demo

We are there for you!

We can be there for you if you are in need of help realising your Oculus Rift or virtual reality project. We like being challenged and will give our 200% to turn your virtual reality project into a success. We live to become your virtual reality development partner.

Thanks to the Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality is finally reaching maturity. VR is becoming affordable and will find its way to consumers in the near future through many possible applications.

In the areas of architecture, entertainment and psychology among others, there will be many opportunities to find good use of VR technology, and we expect that even new areas will be touched that will bring us experiences we have never seen before.

IgnisVR wants to be your number one provider and development partner for virtual reality content.

Using Unity as our base development platform, we are bundling our 3D and game development knowledge with years of development experience into our Firefly development framework. Thus, providing the tools that will boost your VR solution to the next level.

Our mission is to create triple-A quality experiences that will blow you and your customers away.

By proper innovation and by expanding the possibilities of VR, Virtual Reality can seriously assist, entertain and educate people.

Virtual Reality should be within everyone’s reach.

  • Virtual Spacewalk of IgnisVR is one of the most beautiful spacewalk simulations currently available for the Oculus Rift HMD
    Gert-Jan Brok
    Gert-Jan BrokOwner Fantazm Games
  • When you say Virtual Reality, I say IgnisVR! The best partner in building virtual reality experiences you can find.
    Dennis van Haazel
    Dennis van HaazelFounder IgnisVR
  • Incredible virtual reality experiences. They design, create and deliver.
    Wouter Vergeer
    Wouter VergeerCEO Ximon Media BV.
  • Virtual Reality is a new field of opportunity. We will be boosting your VR project towards success in this new emerging market.
    Martijn Segers
    Martijn SegersFounder IgnisVR
  • The virtual reality experience was absolutely mind blowing. It swept me (almost literaly) of my feet!
    Jan Beekwilder
    Jan BeekwilderCEO Innoyou BV.
IgnisVR is a Ruach Interactive B.V. Division from the Netherlands | Chamber of Commerce (KvK) 17244071 | VAT nr. NL8204.66.633.B01