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Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015

April 17, 2015 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

We are participating in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015.

It is a global contest where developers (individually, team-based or as a company) build Vr games, apps or experiences for the Samsung Gear VR.

We are competing in the ‘games’ track and are building a cooperative multiplayer game with the name ‘Land Fall’.

In addition to participating as an development entrant, we are also official appointed by Oculus as one of the Local Hardware Hubs for this contest in the Netherlands. If you have to test your own build and you do not have the hardware, please contact us so you can test your build at our location in Den bosch.

For our networking layer we use Photon Networking and they have granted us a free 500 CCU license for 3 months. Thanks Exit Games!

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Workshop Arachnophobia bij Rino Zuid

March 4, 2015 IgnisVR no comments

Op 4 maart 2015 hebben we een workshop Virtual Reality gegeven tijdens het congres ‘IT’s all in the Game’ bij RINO-Zuid.

In deze workshop stond Virtual Reality centraal en met name onze psychologie gerelateerde VR ervaring: ‘Arachnophobia Virtual Reality Exposure therapie met de Oculus Rift’.

De workshop bestond uit een informatief gedeelte en een praktisch gedeelte, waar de deelnemers zelf aan de slag gingen met het bedenken van Virtual Reality ervaringen, die mogelijk binnen het eigen werkveld van meerwaarde konden zijn. Hieronder de resultaten. Men kreeg gedurende de workshop ook de mogelijkheid om VR zelf te ervaren.

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Symlinking your code framework in Unity3D

July 10, 2014 devblog, Firefly Framework, Unity no comments

When building games or applications in Unity3D, you could stumble over the fact that you probably will be using a (or more) code framework(s) to boost your development productivity. I can say that, at, we do and our framework is called the “Firefly Framework”.

A common problem when using a framework with Unity3D, is the fact that you will quickly end up with lots of copies of your framework in all your Unity3D projects and extending or improving your framework can become quite a puzzle.

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Hello world! – part deux

June 22, 2014 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

Hello world, Martijn Segers here .. a 44 year old father of the most beautiful daughter in the world.

My programming roots go back to the early 80’s where I peeked and poked my way onto a ZX-81, went for HEX-MON on the commodore 64, and trashed the color registers creating demos on the Amiga in the 90’s.
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