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Arduino, Unity and VR

January 17, 2015 devblog, Hardware, IgnisVR, Unity no comments

This will be the first in a series of blog posts about connecting electronics to interact with the real world from within Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is all about immersion. “Being there” is what distinguishes Virtual Reality from a flat screen conventional experience. Sometimes it might add value to an experience, to not only being able to have visual feedback of your new world.
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Case upgrade for Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

August 17, 2014 devblog, Hardware, IgnisVR, News no comments

Being Oculus Rift evangelists like us, our gear is really being put to the test when it comes down to packing, traveling and unpacking. With more versions of the development kit released and with no ability to upgrade limbs on our human bodies. We had to find a solution to keep us mobile while traveling with as much as there is needed, to show off everything that’s going on in virtual reality.

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