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Arduino, Unity and VR

January 17, 2015 devblog, Hardware, IgnisVR, Unity no comments

This will be the first in a series of blog posts about connecting electronics to interact with the real world from within Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is all about immersion. “Being there” is what distinguishes Virtual Reality from a flat screen conventional experience. Sometimes it might add value to an experience, to not only being able to have visual feedback of your new world.
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Symlinking your code framework in Unity3D

July 10, 2014 devblog, Firefly Framework, Unity no comments

When building games or applications in Unity3D, you could stumble over the fact that you probably will be using a (or more) code framework(s) to boost your development productivity. I can say that, at, we do and our framework is called the “Firefly Framework”.

A common problem when using a framework with Unity3D, is the fact that you will quickly end up with lots of copies of your framework in all your Unity3D projects and extending or improving your framework can become quite a puzzle.

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