Hello world! – part deux

June 22, 2014 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

Hello world, Martijn Segers here .. a 44 year old father of the most beautiful daughter in the world.

My programming roots go back to the early 80’s where I peeked and poked my way onto a ZX-81, went for HEX-MON on the commodore 64, and trashed the color registers creating demos on the Amiga in the 90’s.

After that I started to get basic on the PC, moved to C, C++ and delphi creating client server software. After building websites and server systems for the internet in the new millenium, I have now finally got my claws firmly burried within Unity and have been creating games and apps with it for the last 4 years.
Building engines and generic systems is my main drive.

I am very happy that Oculus has given us the promise for virtual reality for the main public. It will become affordable and lots is going to happen in this area. I am a believer! I want to be there when the VR hell breaks loose and, with IgnisVR, we are going to give our best to create great content and build beautifull experiences.

Virtual Reality should be within everyone’s reach.

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Alround development specialist with programming roots going back to the early 80's on a ZX-81, went for commodore 64 and Amiga and ended up after a lots of programming adventures coding C# in Unity3D. ( among lots of other things... )

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