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June 16, 2014 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

Hello there. My name is Dennis, a Virtual Reality enthusiast.
Born in 1977 in a city called Breda (The Netherlands) on planet Earth.
I’m a husband and father of two sons.

I started programming our first 8086 PC in 1988 and was hooked ever since.
My area of interest is very broad. And therefore my field of experience touched almost anything powered by a microprocessor.

Robotics, Virtual Reality, gaming, programming, 2d and 3D graphics, CAD, photography, music production, video editing etc… You name it, I did or am going to do something with it. Currently I’m a full time independent/freelance game developer (www.atomiccrew.com).

Thanks to OculusVR virtual reality got kick-started and my childhood dream from the eighties had finally came true: full immersion into a computer generated world. The beginning of a new chapter in computer technology has started. And with IgnisVR we will be part of it.

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Virtual Reality enthusiast born in 1977 in a city called Breda (The Netherlands). Husband and father of two sons. Started programming in 1988. Experience with programming, music production, video production, 3d graphics, 2d design, web development, photography, electronics and hardware.

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