Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015

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We are participating in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015.

It is a global contest where developers (individually, team-based or as a company) build Vr games, apps or experiences for the Samsung Gear VR.

We are competing in the ‘games’ track and are building a cooperative multiplayer game with the name ‘Land Fall’.

In addition to participating as an development entrant, we are also official appointed by Oculus as one of the Local Hardware Hubs for this contest in the Netherlands. If you have to test your own build and you do not have the hardware, please contact us so you can test your build at our location in Den bosch.

For our networking layer we use Photon Networking and they have granted us a free 500 CCU license for 3 months. Thanks Exit Games!


Game type : Cooperative multiplay
Graphic Style : Abstract


Existential Perseverance

Dark times are upon us. Our lands are falling! The darkness is eating away the lands and the only way to persevere is for the protectors to activate the Arks. These mystical objects, once activated, capture the essence of the lands and by doing so, give us hope that out of nothingness, new lands can rise once again.

Cooperative Multiplay

The players act as the protectors and need to work together to capture as much land essence as possible by activatingarks, before their part of the world is totally eaten away by the darkness and collapses. Players earn essence points that can be used in the persistent worldmap.

Game Persistence

Using persistence, a global world map will be presented that will change over time by the destructive force of the darkness and by players playing games and using their earned essence points to grow new lands.

Game Elements

The game world will have a sloping surface, build of tinted triangles. The surface will have different colored areas.

Scattered across and embedded in the surface, there are multiple, different sized, activation stones. These stones have the same color as their surface area. Activation stones hold coloured keys that must be collected and used to activate an ark.

Hovering above the surface and activation stones you will find the protectors’ platforms (the spots in the game world where protectors will play from). Platforms can be moved using a protector’s essence beam and protectors can teleport to any empty platform at will.

Arks are floating in the air above the platforms. They are randomly positioned and are of different sizes. Arks have to be activated so they can start collecting land essence.

Even higher above the arks we find Artifacts. Artifacts appear at random times, move around and disappear again. Protectors can collect artifacts by pulling them in using their essence beam. Artifacts have specific functions that can help a protector achieve the goals.

Activating Arks

To activate an ark, protectors must use collected keys, corresponding with the ark’s keyslots. A key slot has a specific shape and color. A player must have all keys for all the ark’s slots to be able to activate the ark. An activated ark will start to capture land essence and will render essence points to the protectors when it is full.

Harvesting Keys

Activation stones hold multiple keys, depending on its size. To harvest a key, an activation stone must be lifted into the air, kept steady and turned to the right spot so that a specific key can be extracted. This is done by using the protector’s essence beam.

Players can cooperate when harvesting keys. By, for example, one of them lifting the stone and holding it in place, while the other turns it, finds the right key and extract it from the stone.

Game End

The game ends when the darkness has eaten away all the protectors’ land or when all arks are completely filled with essence. Players will be awarded essence points that can be used to grow new land.

Land Fall

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