DiscoveryVR – Spacewalk Mayday

Virtual Storytelling ( VR ride )

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The experience

This experience was created for our partner Discovery Communications LLC for their DiscoveryVR platform and supporting the Secret Space Escapes show on Science Channel.

“How does it feel to be in space and what happens when something goes terribly wrong? Experience the thrill of a spacewalk — and the heart-pounding fear as you hurtle through a minefield of debris. Plug in your headphones for maximum impact!”
(from Discovery VR – Spacewalk Mayday – details)

Applied virtual reality

A Virtual Reality Ride is an application of virtual reality within the field of Virtual Story Telling & Trans-Media

Virtual reality provides a new way of experiencing content by putting viewers right in the middle of the story. By immersing your viewers virtually into your story and letting them be there while the story unfolds you can give people an experience that they will never forget and touch them on a psychological level like no other media can.

Experience requirements

  • Mobile (android + iOS) device
  • .. using Google Cardboard
  • .. or Samsung MilkVR for GearVR
  • .. also on desktop on YouTube 360

See Discovery VR instructions