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In this VR excperience

In this demo you will be able to build and prototype a children’s playground.

You are placed at an empty playground somewhere in a beautiful park. Use your virtual tablet to add elements to the playground and move (teleport) your self around the area.

Applied virtual reality

This demo falls into the category of construction and prototyping.

Using virtual reality in construction and prototyping makes it possible to build and construct your objects and experience them in full scale as you would be really there.


This demo supports custom branding.

  • Image support
  • Video support
  • Format (px)
    1024 x 512
  • Cost
    € 250 / image

If you want to use this demo for demonstration purposes with your own imagery/branding on the billboard please contact us


This demo is best viewed in sitting position.

For controls, a XBox 360 game controller is the way to go. Keyboard input is also supported.

Controls :

  • Start button (F12)
    Start the experience by looking at the eye and press this button. Your pose will be re-centered.
  • Y – yellow – button (Enter)
    Toggle tablet
  • A – green – button (Space)
    Select or click
  • Bumper buttons (Arrow keys)
    Rotate elements while in element place mode

Moving/teleporting around the map :
Select the playground-screen on the tablet and click on a spot on the top down view. You will be instantly teleported to that location heading towards the center of the playground. An eye icon represents your current position in the top down view.

Add an element :
Activate your tablet and select the elements-screen. Select the element you want to add. Click on the ‘Add’ icon – the tablet will auto hide and you will see the selected element in a semi-transparent state when you look at the playground. The element can be rotated using the bumper buttons and will be positioned where you look at the playground. Place the element by pressing the ‘A – green button’. If you press the ‘A – green button’ while the element is not displayed ( when looking away from the playground ), the element is removed.

Select an existing element :
Activate your tablet and select the playground-screen. Each placed element is represented in the top down view by a circular icon. By clicking an element’s icon, the tablet is auto hidden and that specific element will be selected and re-enters the semi-transparent state. You can now move and rotate the element and re-place or remove it.

Comfort :
This demo has a LOW RISK of virtal reality motion sickness. Motion sickness can occur when one is moving or rotating too much. or when the HMD display refreshes at a low rate (< 75fps).

Demo video

System requirements

  • Medium/high end computer
  • DX9/DX11 Graphics Card
  • Oculus Rift DK2 HMD
  • XBox 360 controller recommended.


SDK 0.8+ | Download for Windows | 359 Mb

Version & state

Version 1.0.0 | SDK 0.8+ | 23 Dec 2015

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