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Virtual Presentation (Anxiety) Training

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The experience

This experience was created for our customer Fiboni.

In this experience you will be able to train your presentation skills before a virtual audience. The experience contains 3 conference rooms of different sizes. A small room with a public of 5 , a medium room with a public of 10 and a large room with 20 people as public.  During your presentation , you will be able to use a virtual tablet that you can use, by a look-at mechanism, to change your position in the room, to change slides or exit the room.  Your public will display different behavior, can be enthusiastic or negatively rude.

Make sure to stay focused!

You will be able to setup this experience and customize the presentation slides.

Applied virtual reality

Virtual Reality Training is an application of virtual reality within the field of learning & education.

It is well known that learning by experience improves the effectiveness of a learning experience.

By placing a trainee or student in an immersive virtual environment where a training situation can be experienced as if the trainee or student were really there, virtual reality can significantly increase learning efficiency.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is an application of virtual reality within the field of health & psychology.

Exposure therapy is a form of psychological therapy where a patient, who has some irrational fear about an object or situation, is gradually exposed (also called systematic desensitization) to the object or situation that causes his or her’s phobic anxiety. By gradually feeding and increasing exposure to the patient, he or she ‘learns’ that the fears are irrational and how to deal with the object or situation of his or her phobia.

Exposure therapy that is done in reality is called ‘In-Vivo’. Academic research has proven that virtual reality exposure therapy can be as effective as exposure therapy in-vivo when the virtual reality experience is truly immersive and generates enough anxiety within the phobic patient.

Experience requirements

  • Medium/high end computer
  • DX9/DX11 Graphics Card
  • Oculus Rift HMD DK2  (0.8.0 sdk+)

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