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Hello world! – part deux

June 22, 2014 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

Hello world, Martijn Segers here .. a 44 year old father of the most beautiful daughter in the world.

My programming roots go back to the early 80’s where I peeked and poked my way onto a ZX-81, went for HEX-MON on the commodore 64, and trashed the color registers creating demos on the Amiga in the 90’s.
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Hello world!

June 16, 2014 devblog, IgnisVR no comments

Hello there. My name is Dennis, a Virtual Reality enthusiast.
Born in 1977 in a city called Breda (The Netherlands) on planet Earth.
I’m a husband and father of two sons.

I started programming our first 8086 PC in 1988 and was hooked ever since.
My area of interest is very broad. And therefore my field of experience touched almost anything powered by a microprocessor.
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